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b. Sept 12, 2009 - 6 boys, 2 girls - plush & smooth - puppy news blog

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Litter Announcement
mt airy frances regal shilohs magnus
NS brCH Mt Airy's Francesca DeLa Tierra, CGC, TT
TD ibCan CH Regal King Magnus of Kellisa, PCD, HIC, CGC, CGN, TT, RNCL aka Magnus
sire: PB&T's New Beginnings Sierra CGC dam: GV NS abrCH
Catoctin's Shining Star CGC, TDI
black/silver smooth
hips: OFA Good #SLH-330G26F-PI
elbows: OFA Normal #SLH-EL140F26-PI
heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist #SLH-CA161/14F/C-NOPI
thyroid: OFA Normal #SLH-TH86/15F-NOPI
eyes: CERF #SHS-13N/2006-14
TLI: normal 7.9 | Brucellosis negative
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sire: GV/TD ngb CH CJ's Sampson V Blitzkrieg, ROM
dam: Kind Kye-Ann Selah
light gray sable plush
hips: OFA Excellent SLH-403E35M-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL208M35-VPI
heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA204/13M/C-PI
and Doppler Echocardic cleared (Cardiologist)
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH92/12M-PI
eyes: CERF SHS-163/2007-14
TLI: normal 9.1 | vWb: Negative | Brucellosis: Negative

Mt Airy Shiloh Shepherds is planning a litter that is sure to produce the magnificent Shilohs you remember. Our Frances will be bred in July 2009 to Magnus, of Regal Shiloh Shepherds of Streetsville, Ontario. Sire and dam are each outstanding examples of the breed with championships in conformation, impressive working credentials, impeccable health certifications, and sweet, solid temperaments.

Frances rose to the top of her conformation classes as a pup, and continued to collect honors in the ring through the 2007 season. She earned a National Select title for her striking beauty, flowing gait, and showy personality and a CGC for her polite manners. At the close of the season, she began training in agility, obedience, and Rally-O. Motherhood interrupted her working career, and she took time to raise 7 gorgeous, healthy puppies (Frances/Thunder). Three are currently making their way around the show ring. One is already busy visiting school children. Frances was a fabulous mother the first time around and we eagerly await the next opportunity to see what she produces.

mt airy shiloh shepherdsWe are so proud of our choice of sire, Magnus. His stately bearing, noble expression, friendly and willing temperament were just what we were looking for. Magnus earned his HIC Herding certificate, and PCD and RNCL rally obedience designations, all before he was 1.5 years old. With only 1 leg to go towards his CD title, he has 2 High in Trial awards already. Along with brains, Magnus has stunning conformation, ranking Top Dog #5 in 2006 in his registry, NSBR, for his regal presence, massive coat, excellent movement, large head, deep chest and wide, solid body. Magnus recently took Best in Breed and Group while becoming a new International Champion.

The health certifications on both Frances and Magnus are unsurpassed: Hips (Magnus OFA Excellent, Frances OFA Good), elbows, heart, thyroid, eyes, TLI, and DNA. Both dogs have had hearts examined by Doppler Echocardiogram, the gold standard in heart certification, a demonstration of our commitment to vigorous standards in health testing.

From the pair, we expect all the wonderful traits that make a Shiloh: beautiful dogs with solid temperaments and willing hearts. The puppies will most likely be sables in combinations of cream and black. We may get some black and silver duals. We expect both plush and smooth varieties. Health, beauty, companionship, soundness, this pair has it.

For information, please call 301-829-0955 or email me today. This breeding has been confirmed.



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